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I hold “workshops” on pianos and piano tuning wherever asked to do so, but also each of my owner service calls also includes an owner workshop about tuning and maintenance of their piano — information and instructions given to whatever length and extent they wish, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.

I provide these workshops because the more an owner knows about their piano, the better care they will take of it, and the more they will enjoy using it, and — very important — the more likely they will be to read my book [this website] “Piano Tuning Phoenix” and to tell other people about this book. It’s the only book available anywhere written in owner language, not technical language, that covers all aspects of acquiring and owning and maintaining a traditional physical acoustic piano. And, it’s FREE! Right here on the internet!

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Avondale AZ is one of the several Phoenix Valley’s unique “bedroom” cities — It’s just kind of a neat place to live in the valley, and is extremely convenient to all the rest of the valley, being located right on highway US 10. Avondale sprang up after World War II, incorporated in 1946. The four collages here were taken from its official website, and bring out their theme of quality living as a goal. Note the classic l956 models Ford and Corvette in photo to right!

However, there are other really interesting facts unique to Avondale: it is the home of the Phoenix International Raceway, a facility that hosts 2 international events annually, which is constructed near natural mountains that make watching these races easy and interesting.

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5-Avondale AZ

With its focus on the quality of life of residents and visitors, Avondale offers nearly 200 acres of parks and 7.5 miles of lakeside trails for active and passive activities. Avondale’s gem – a state treasure – is Monument Hill, at the Base & Meridian Area located along the Gila River. This significant birding area is a rich riparian habitat abounding with many species of fish, birds and wildlife. Avondale is also the proud home of PIR Phoenix International Raceway, which boasts two exciting race weekends a year. Nearly 250,000 race fans attend these events, which are a boon to the regional economy.

Wes Flinn RPT – Registered Piano Technician

Wes Flinn RPT

I have several clients in Avondale, pass through it almost daily, and I’m glad to call it one of my active workshops!

Here is a recent review from one of my Avondale clients:

I offer my services to Avondale, Arizona residents living in zip code areas: 85223 and 85392.

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