My Scottsdale, Arizona Area Piano Services

I hold “workshops” on pianos and piano tuning wherever asked to do so, but also each of my owner service calls also includes an owner workshop about tuning and maintenance of their piano — information and instructions given to whatever length and extent they wish, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.

I provide these workshops because the more an owner knows about their piano, the better care they will take of it, and the more they will enjoy using it, and — very important — the more likely they will be to read my book [this website] “Piano Tuning Phoenix”  and to tell other people about this book.  It’s the only book available anywhere written in owner language, not technical language, that covers all aspects of acquiring and owning and maintaining a traditional physical acoustic piano. And, it’s FREE!  Right here on the internet!

Beautiful upscale scenes typical of Scottsdale, ArizonaMost everyone anywhere has heard of Scottsdale, Arizona!

Scottsdale is one of my biggest “workshop” areas — it covers a lot of ground area, and I have had many clients there for many years.

And, it’s a beautiful place — its high level boutiques and Old West shopping areas, nestled into the central Phoenix AZ Valley with its spectacular natural beauty in the ring of surrounding mountains, are high on every travel agent’s list.  Then there are the Frank Lloyd Wright historical sites.  And the Arts Center.

Scottsdale Arizona downtown area
Frank Lloyd Wright
Old West shops Scottsdale Arizona

Ravenscroft pianoBut — Did you know that one of the world’s finest pianos, as well as one of the most expensive pianos ever built, is manufactured right there in Scottsdale, Arizona! 

Its name is the Ravenscroft Piano, and is named after the owner of the manufacturing company. Bob Ravenscroft is a very well-known and very successful jazz and entertainment pianist, who about 25 years ago decided that it was time to pursue building a really truly fine American piano. Today this piano is acclaimed the world over as one of the very finest pianos existing in the world today, and is representative of the finest of piano technology available anywhere. Only two models are manufactured, both are grand pianos, one is a 9-foot concert grand, the other a 7-foot large grand.

Meet one of Arizona’s

own piano makers,

Bob Ravenscroft

Bob Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft concert grand

Now that we have all the famous names and stuff out of the way, let’s mention something else you may not know about Scottsdale!

Scottsdale is one of my biggest work places — hardly a week passes that I am not working in Scottsdale on someone’s piano there — a tuning, or a regulation, or a moving, or something. Here a few links that are Reviews about things I have been doing in Scottsdale:

Wes Flinn RPT – Registered Piano Technician

Wes Flinn RPT

I offer my services to Scottsdale, Arizona residents living in zip code areas: 85250, 85251, 85254, 85255, 85257, 85258 and 85259.

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