My Tempe, Arizona area Piano Services

I hold “workshops” on pianos and piano tuning wherever asked to do so, but also each of my owner service calls also includes an owner workshop about tuning and maintenance of their piano — information and instructions given to whatever length and extent they wish, lasting from a few minutes to an hour.

I provide these workshops because the more an owner knows about their piano, the better care they will take of it, and the more they will enjoy using it, and — very important — the more likely they will be to read my book [this website] “Piano Tuning Phoenix” and to tell other people about this book. Hayden's Ferry or TempeIt’s the only book available anywhere written in owner language, not technical language, that covers all aspects of acquiring and owning and maintaining a traditional physical acoustic piano. And, it’s FREE! Right here on the internet!

Tempe AZ sits right in the center of the Phoenix Valley, and is surrounded in the distance by the circle of various mountain ranges that define the Valley. The first settling of this area was a military action with the establishment of Fort McDowell in 1865, on the Salt River, then the development of small farming and ranching operations to support the needs of the fort. Small settlements spread, commerce grew, and the location of Tempe was first called Hayden’s Ferry. By 1885 legislation was in place to establish a normal school that went through many changes to eventually become Arizona State University.

Tempe Center for the Arts, and Gammage Auditorium at ASU are now world-class performance venues:

Tempe Center for the Arts
 Gammage Auditorium

Tempe also is home to one of the world’s leading air transportation enterprises, US Airways, as well as hundreds of other diversified businesses. Tempe is just a very important place in world commerce today!

US Airways Building

Wes Flinn RPT – Registered Piano Technician

Wes Flinn RPT

I have many clients
in Tempe, and
it is one of my
most active
Here are some places I’ve worked lately in Tempe:
I offer my services to Tempe, Arizona residents living in zip code areas: 85280, 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284, 85285 and 85287.

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